About us

“ELMET-ROLL” is a worldwide provider for advanced technologies, products, and services for electroslag remelting process (ESR).

Being founded by inventor of ESR process Academician B.I. Medovar and making within decades research and engineering in this field we are only one company who offer actual achievements of cutting-edge science in our furnaces. We offer as complete supplies of modern ESR furnaces as well as technical design of furnace. We can propose you implementation as standard time-proved ESR processes as newly developed ones. We persist in everyday research work to further improvement of ESR processes.

“ELMET-ROLL” provides best innovative consulting solutions for ESR equipment and technology due to fully integrated approach for ESR ingot manufacture from consumable electrode and slag manufacture to ready ingot (including heat treatment) for guaranteed high quality round shape, flat and hollow products. Both fully automation of process due to modern control system our furnaces and our technological know-how give to Customers best results.

Our consulting consists of detailed analysis of ESR furnace itself and consumable electrode and slag preparation practice, efficient problem-solving and use of developed solutions in the actual implementation. A number of tools are used for this purpose, complex processing of questionaries’ information, technical audit in Customer site and technical assistance.

“ELMET-ROLL” is good team of both experienced and young engineers and scientist to do our best for our Customer.