ESR furnace control systems

ESR furnace control systems

Our furnaces Control System consists of industrial control computer and LCD screen as monitoring station of upper computer and PLC as lower computer to form a two level monitoring system. The basic detect and control level based on PLC support the process logic control, physical collecting and failure examine of I/O point. The control system ESR is three-level distributed PC-based data acquisition and control system: level «0»: sensors and actuators; level «1»: PACs (Programmable Automation Controllers), peripheral control units (PCU), local control unit for Power Supply (LCU_PS), local control unit (LCU) for manual ESR process control on the ESR platform; level «2»: SCADA.

The control system information model provides implementation of the functional dependencies between input and output parameters of ESR furnace on-line.

The control system provides solution of following problems that defines it functionality:

  • Centralized visualizations and control of technological parameters;
  • Process analysis, monitoring of the process variables, alarms handling;
  • On-line calculations and man-machine dialogue functions;
  • Direct control of ESR process in automatic mode;
  • Control parameters calculations and settings for peripheral automated regulators.
  • Automatic control for withdrawing device.
  • Real-time monitor and management for the process of remelting.

Actual structure of control cabinets and desks as well as proper software will be developed on the stage of working design.

Our ESR furnaces control systems include: Peripheral control units (PCUs); Local control unit(s) (LCUs); Remote dual-tone sound alarms; Power Supply ON/Off signal light (flashing warning lights at LCU and at the pit’s entrance); Pit access control when Power Supply is ON etc. that ensures the safety of furnace operation.

The control system complex includes also a control room with operator’s workplaces and workplace for master-technologist. The workplaces must provide continuous visual contact (direct line of sight) with ESR installation’s workplace.

Control room equipped with air conditioning and must be compliant with all standards (valid industrial codes). Under Customer’s requirements the cabinets with electrical equipment can be placed directly in control room or in adjacent rooms.

Fully computerized control system ensures stability of the process and automatic selection of the proper operating parameters along with the full control of the equipment conditions and workability.