The third AdMet-2018 conference

Metallurgy and materials are of key importance for current and future social and economic development. Metallurgy is a research-intensive industry where only advanced technologies can attain success in overcoming environmental and economic challenges.

The success of the two previous AdMet’s conferences, which were held in Dnipropetrovsk and Kyiv, became a strong foundation for the third AdMet-2018 conference. We have also decided to change the city and we will be pleased to show you the wonderful and unique Lviv.

AdMet brings together a multidisciplinary international audience to exchange the latest technological and scientific advances related to various metallurgical processes and materials. You are kindly invited to participate in this event.

Conference topics:

  • Thermodynamics of metallurgical processes (pyro- and hydro- metallurgy);
  • Innovative technologies and processes of metallurgy and related fields (special melting, foundry, welding, additive manufacturing etc);
  • Advances in iron-and steelmaking technologies;
  • Innovative ladle treatment in iron- and steelmaking;
  • Casting and solidification;
  • Environmental issues in metallurgy: COfixation, mitigation of environmental footprint, advanced processes in recycling and recovery of by-products and wastes;
  • Advanced technologies of special melting and welding;
  • Advances in processes control, automation and on-line analysis;
  • Nanotechnologies and nanomaterials;
  • Design and properties of advanced materials (metals, composites, refractories etc.);
  • Innovative methods of modelling and simulation of processes and materials.

Conference goals:

  • to share cutting-edge results of research and development in the fields of metallurgy, related technologies (special melting, welding, additive manufacturing etc) and new or critical materials;
  • to assist international collaboration of researchers from all over the world facing current and future societal and technological challenges;
  • to build interdisciplinary bridges between academic schools of metallurgy & materials and metallurgical industry as well as between metallurgist and welders, foundry people and specialists from other related fields;
  • to promote diffusion and industrial implementation of the best available technologies and materials in Ukraine's metallurgy and other critical branches of domestic and world industries;
  • to set the platform for the future advances in metallurgy and material science and for new technologies implementation.

This conference will take place during June 10-13, 2018 at the Premier Hotel Dnister, Lviv , Ukraine.