The fourth AdMet-2021 conference

ELMET-ROLL Company start preparations for the fourth International Multidisciplinary Conference «ADVANCES IN METALLURGICAL PROCESSES AND MATERIALS » (ADMET-2021).

The success of the three previous conferences (АDMET-2007, Dnepropetrovsk; АDMET-2015, Kiev; АDMET-2018, L’viv) showed the interest of metallurgists and metal experts from around the world in our country and became a solid foundation for the next meeting for leading experts to discuss research results on the following topics (including but not limited to):

  • Thermodynamics of metallurgical processes (pyro- and hydro- metallurgy)
  • Innovative metallurgical technologies and processes
  • Advances in iron-and steelmaking technologies
  • Innovative ladle treatment in iron- and steelmaking
  • Advances in processes control, automation and on-line analysis
  • Environmental issues in metallurgy: CO2 fixation, mitigation of environmental footprint, advanced processes in recycling and recovery of by-products and wastes
  • Advanced technologies of special melting
  • Design and properties of advanced materials (metals, composites, refractories etc.)
  • Innovative methods of modelling and simulation of processes and materials

We invite all our colleagues’ researchers, teachers and technicians to Odessa in the autumn of 2021. «Pearl of the sea» so figuratively called this unique historical and cultural center of the south of Ukraine. Odessa has something to show.