The main advantage of our company and engineering solutions offered by us are real "know-how" in the manufacture of various types and grades of steel ingots, have been developing for over 50 years of scientific and practical work on the improvement of technologies of electroslag process and proper equipment. We know how to get the best quality ingot with minimal cost and it is this knowledge we put in the design of our furnaces.

Today we only can offer you a number of innovative processes:

• Electroslag technologies with liquid metal

• ESR TC - unique process with two independent current circuits

• Efficient Arc Slag Remelting (ASR)

• ESR for Titanium

• ESR for hollow ingots,

which allow to produce high-quality ingots of sophisticated steels and alloys, including nickel/cobalt base  superalloys, titanium, etc., while ensuring that a substantial saving of both energy and materials.