ESR TC (Two independent power circuits)

1 ‑ consumable electrode;

2 ‑ liquid metal pool;

3 – ingot;

4 ‑ slag pool;

5, 6, 7 ‑ current supplying mould’s sections.
Inconel 718 ingot of 350 mm in dia producedby ESR TC
with power: 0,6 to the electrode
and 0,4 to the mould

At ESR TC the electric current is supplied by two circuit: "consumable electrode – bottom plate" and "current-supplying mold – bottom plate." In such a scheme the current-supplying mold works as a non-consumable electrode. This allows us to break the rigid dependence of ESR process temperature/productivity from the melting rate of consumable electrode and to control a heat input in the slag and metal bath that is difficult to achieve at the standard ESR.

Such a process can significantly reduce the depth of the metal bath, which ensures the formation of low-segregation ingot. The ESR TC diagram provides unique abilities for process control and stable operation of the furnace in a wide range of conditions.

ESR TC - an excellent method for the production of sophisticated steels, superalloys and titanium.