Hollow ingots

Today the production of hollow ingots by ESR processes is the proven and sustainable technology that can significantly reduce primary costs of manufacturing of various pipes and shells and get high quality metal.

Solidification conditions in the hollow ingot (at any process organization thereof) provide less segregation if to compare with a solid cast ingot (of the same weight and height) of any type and even if compare with a hollow ingot of the same size had been cast in a chilled mold, due to a minimum volume of the liquid metal bath. The both high temperature gradient and metal solidification rate at the ESR of hollow ingot provide the very dense dendritic structure that guarantees the high uniformity of chemical composition and excellent mechanical and service properties. The properties level is often even higher than that of the forged/rolled metal produced from a conventional ingot.

Due to the favourable structure and high level of mechanical properties the hollow pipes-ESR ingots were standardized to use as-cast (with no deformation) for the manufacture of pipelines for both fossil and nuclear power stations.

We The technology, accessories and industrial ESR furnaces have been developed and commercialized in full scale for the production of a wide variety of sizes and shapes of hollow ingots, among them: thick-walled pipes used as cast; a round billets for forging with holes of various shapes (wall thickness of from 40 to 500 mm, diameter of 100 to 1600 mm, length 9 m and weight up to 25 tons).

Until recently, the ingots of larger mass were not produced, however, to meet growing requirements, we have developed design of the ESR furnaces that allow to produce ingots with a diameter up to 5 m and weight up to 300 tons. This furnace is able to produce thick shells for the vessels of nuclear power plant, rings for petrochemical columns, and other responsible parts for critical applications.

 The melting process of the hollow ingot ESR

Hollow ingot 900mmHollow ingot 900mm-2Hollow ingot 625mm

Hollow ingot 650mm