Technologies and equipment for metallurgy steelmaking and special melting) is the main specialization of the “ELMET‑ROLL” engineering company. Years of experience and the latest developments of our company integrated in the technological processes of traditional and special metallurgy, design of equipment and the equipment of our furnaces. Our company is the daily research work on further improvement of manufacturing processes and mastering of the modern science achievements in our furnaces. In this line the electro-slag furnaces for processing and cladding of liquid metal to produce hollow and forging solid ingots, slabs.

The individual approach to the of each furnace combines the use of both the proven and latest designs and technical solutions based on the newest process improvements. We take into account the conditions of the customer shop, range of products and a variety of other factors. This approach allows us to make our equipment the simple, reliable, easy-to-operate and efficient, ensuring at the same time, the high quality pf produced ingots.

Our products not just meet customer requirements, but also exceed them.

"ELMET-ROLL" provides the best innovative consulting solutions for the technology and equipment of traditional and special metallurgy, foundry industry through an integrated approach - from the charge (at ESR – manufacturing of consumable electrode and slag) and to the ready product (including heat treatment), which guarantees process efficiency and high-quality products. The use of modern control systems and technological expertise ensure maximum reduction of labor costs, especially in hazardous areas.

We offer turnkey delivery of modern metallurgical equipment or manufacturing it by the Customer using our design and consultancy that is often significantly reduces investments.