Electric arc furnaces (EAF)


Our experts have successful experience of scientific and technological developments and technical audit are aimed to improve the technology of melting in electric arc furnace (up to 150 t) in relation to the specific conditions of the shop and produced steel grades. Our expertise allows increasing the efficiency of steel production; reduce the amount of slag-forming materials and melting losses of alloying elements, and other key performances of EAF melting.

Our company represents also the interests of the world leading company Badische Stahl Engineering (BSE), BSE provides mechanical and electrical engineering as well as hardware key components or complete furnaces of many types and operations:

  • Power source: AC or DC;
  • Operation: Single shell or twin shell;
  • Tapping system: EBT or spout;
  • Input material: all mixes of scrap, hot metal and DRI/HBI;
  • Product: all steel grades.

Scope of supply

  • Gantry with columns, guiding rolls and electrode lifting mechanism;
  • Rocker frame with foundation design;
  • Hydraulic system;
  • Entire shell, roof, elbow and other water-cooled EAF parts;
  • Electrical and automation systems;
  • Current conducting Aluminium Electrode Arms;
  • Chemical Energy System for injection of oxygen and solid material from sidewall, EBT and slag door;
  • Measurement & control devices.


  • Rigid construction and design for high productivity and performance.
  • Design, layout and movements for optimum efficiency of energy and consumables with conventional technology.
  • Components and features designed from steelmakers for steelmakers – making operation easy, safe and efficient (e.g. user-friendly HMI).
  • Engineered for defined input materials and/or mixtures, yet providing flexibility for future capacity increase.

Engineering support of our company will allow you to work effective and comfortable, to avoid language problems at services or equipment purchase from BSE in Ukraine. We work for neighbour CIS countries as well.