Our company designs, manufactures, and supplies the high performance equipment for modern electroslag remelting (the ESR) plants.

Designed ESR plants are able to produce the high quality ingots starting of a few kilos and up to 450 tons in weight of all types:

  • cylindrical and rectangular shape solid ingots for the subsequent forging and rolling;
  • slab ingots;
  • hollow ingots

composite ingots with horizontal or coaxial layers.

We offer the very reliable ESR furnaces of  traditional process in a variety of their versions (static of short collar mould, protective gas, change of electrodes, industrial of low frequency of power source etc), and the ESR LM furnaces using a liquid metal, which today are the most functional and versatile unit (one furnace is able to produce both the solid and hollow ingots, rolls surfacing, layered composite  etc.).

Reliability and Quality is the main priority of our company!





 ESR-3 Project