“ELMET-ROLL” provides both innovative and efficient technologies as well as design or keyturn supply of equipment for electroslag welding (ESW) of steel and alloys, i.e. for joining of huge thicknesses (up to several meters).

We offer the advanced variants of technology and design solutions to maximize accounting customer's requirements and the specific of manufacture.

Electroslag welding has been successfully used in the production of bulk products heavy machinery: a bed and traverse of large tools and machines, shafts, various bandages, etc.

The productivity and efficiency of the process of electroslag welding shifts all other welding technology. Cross section of welded blanks can be up to 25 m2. The maximum length of the weld depends of the design of the equipment.

Electroslag Welding is promising for the production of large billets (100‑300 t) for rolling or forging at a low segregation, which is obtained by joining two (and sometimes more) of cast or forged billet at a lower weight . After deformation and heat treatment, the entire welded billet has a homogeneous structure and complex of the mechanical properties meets the requirements for base metal of welded structure.

Today, this technology can be successfully applied to production of heavy plates from Z-steels as well as large billets for shafts and rotors, etc.