ESR with liquid metal (ESR LM)

The Electroslag Surfacing by Liquid Metal (ESS LM) method and equipment for its realization were developed in our company at beginning for roll surfacing.

ESS LM plant equipment is hybrid of standard ESR (short collar mold with retractable base plate) and liquid metal pouring by special holding-pouring furnaces.

ESS LM process was commercialized at JSC NKMZ at bimetallic rolls manufacture. Designed and erected at JSC NKMZ plant has two melting stations with capacity of 20 and 50 tons that use liquid metal for working and backup rolls surfacing.

Since 2000 year it has been the most advanced equipment for the production of bimetallic rolls of high quality for hot strip mill, cold strip mill, including work, roughing and backup rolls of most modern grades such as HSS, Hi‑Cr, 5%Cr etc.

It is proved by practice that ESS LM plant is capable to produce both solid and hollow ingots as well. These processes were named as ESR LM (Electroslag Refining of Liquid Metal)

Now ESR/ESS LM plant is the most versatile unit for producing of high-quality huge ingot of different shapes and purposes and for surfacing of rolling mill rolls (new or scraped ones).

Now ESR/ESS LM process and equipment is time-proved on efficiency, stable operation, and product quality.

Our company are ready to supply ESR/ESS LM plants on key-turn basis with know-how for production of the wide variety of sizes and shapes of large solid and hollow ingots and for surfacing rolling mill rolls, as well as for various layered composite manufacturing.