Modern ESR plants

ESR with stationary mold and protective chamber

 We have been designing the ESR plants of traditional process (with consumable electrode(s)) for more than 50 years.  

Our vast experience allows us to meet any Customer’s requirements for any specific ESR plant.

We can install the single-phase transformer of industrial or low (adjustable) frequency or three-phase power source.

We design and supply the ESR plants with various diagrams of electrode(s) connection to power circuit:

  • monofilar diagram (chain electrode-ingot) or monofilar split scheme (to save energy due to using a small cross section electrodes instead big one)
  • bifilar (chain electrode-electrode) circuit for multi-electrode furnaces (mainly for the slab and hollow ingot manufacturing).

The electrical diagram depends on type and size of ESR ingot and the Customer’s requirements.

The melting space can be on open-air, or protected by argon shrouding or close chamber to create a protective atmosphere. The protection of melting space choice depends on the steel grades to be produced.

We design and supply of ESR plants with a change of the electrode during melting, which reduces the height of the furnace at construction and the cost on electrodes preparation and power consumption at operation.

The head(s) of our ESR plants can have columnar cantilevered or gantry design. Gantry furnace most often is used for heavy ingots production because of the best reliability at a large weight electrode handling.

To produce various mass ingots our ESR plant can be composed from two or more melting stations, with different patterns of work: with a stationary mold (stationary mold is more expensive, but more simple in operation), or with a short collar mold with ingot withdrawing by retractable base plate.

In order to meet customer requirements all our ESR furnaces have tailor-made design with individual features, which uses the all accumulated our knowledge and accounts the local conditions.

Main advantages are the actual "know-how" in the manufacturing of various ingot types and steel grades, which have been developing for more than 50 years of research and practical work on the improvement of both the technologies of the Electroslag process and design of the ESR plants. We know how to get  the ingot of the highest quality with minimal cost and that is what we build-in to our ESR plants design.


We are always on the Customer’s side!