Exhaust gases evacuation and purification

We design an effective system of exhaust gases evacuation from various melting units or other sources, including distributed ones. For proper siting of hoods or ventilating pipes, we perform physical modeling of actual layout that provides high efficiency of emission removal. The melting furnaces equipped by a system of dust extraction and dry filtration of exhaust gases. The guaranteed concentration of dust in cleaned gases is not more than 10 mg/m3 at the initial content of dust equal to 50 g/m3. The main device of gas purification system is bughouse that is supplied complete with the regeneration system, fan, dust collection hopper and control system. Built-in bag filter regeneration system provides timely cleaning of dust sleeves. Dust cleaning system is equipped with modern equipment and filter elements, both foreign and domestic, depending on customer requirements. Proposed purification system is airtight and requires relatively small area for arrange and fully meet requirements of environment protection.