Current-supplying mold CSM®


The current-supplying mold (CSM® is registered trade mark of Elmet-roll) is the base of the most advanced ESR furnaces for High-Tech products manufacture. The prototype of such mold was initially invented in the E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute for the processing of dispersed materials. Improved by Elmet-roll specialists the CSM® had become the core of the several very efficient processes (ESR TC - Electroslag remelting with two independent circuit, ESR LM and ESS LM - Electroslag remelting and electroslag surfacing by liquid metal etc.) for manufacture of high quality low segregation solid and hollow ingots and surfaced billets for bimetallic rolls. Special design of inner mold (working as mandrel) is also developed for the hollow ingot manufacture.

CSM® plays a role of non-consumable electrode and gives unique capabilities to change a heat input distribution into both a slag and metal pools and to change speed of remelting in so wide borders (as much higher as much lower for the certain section) that is impossible at the classic ESR and casting. CSMÒ  provides exclusive possibilities to control solidification of heavy ingot and to produce low segregation sound ingots form the most advanced and sophisticated steels and alloys, including superalloys.

Mold design foresees the use of the metal level sensors of own design and special power source for slag bath rotation. Last one provides uniform heat distribution into a slag bath and shallow profile of liquid metal bath.