Steel-copper anodes for DC Electric Arc Furnaces (EAF)

We produce steel-copper bimetallic electroslag ingots for the anodes of DC EAF of 100 – 600 mm in diameter or ready anodes according Customer’s drawings. Connection of two metals occurs at Electroslag remelting into solidifying ingot in the liquid states. Coupled solidification of liquid superheated melts (steel and copper) provides a reliable connection of layers for good electrical contact.

Technology of electroslag manufacturing of steel-copper ingots involves the use of two circuit (ESR TC) power supply, which ensures a flat profile of liquid metal pool and minimum thickness of a transition zone. The consumable electrodes change while remelting provides the consequential formation of the steel and copper parts of the bimetallic ingot.

The bottom electrodes (anodes) from steel-copper ingots work successfully on 0.5÷12 ton DC electric arc furnaces of domestic foundries. Photo below shows the appearance of the steel-copper ingots 350 mm in diameter after machining.