Our company employees are diploma specialists (including 2 PhD, 2 doctors and 2 full professors) on technical science that perform independent scientific assessment and engineering expertise of new innovation and venture projects and engineering/technology audit of existing plants to determine proper ways for production cycle improving and equipment modernization.

Our vast communications with engineers and scientific from every corner of the globe allow us to build a long-term personal contacts with metallurgists and materials scientists that makes it possible to bring to fulfilment of requested expertise and projects the recognized experts and the best specialists as or companies.

We create the world-class development concepts and technological improvements, design both new and revamp existing equipment in purpose to increase its efficiency and a product quality.

Our designers used to work on leading heavy machineries of Ukraine, they are experienced in team working, all the stages of machines design and modern techniques of parts manufacturing, so we can create a new unit or upgrade your existing one on your Technical Requirements.

We are ready to help you in an intellectual property creating for your company to enhance both the prestige and capitalization of your business, increasing power of rights protection and competitiveness.

We know how to improve the socio-oriented image of a company and offer services in writing of scientific-technical and technical- advertising articles, booklets, customer-oriented articles about your company for publication in professional magazines, press and the Internet.