Coach-courses of technical training

Highly skilled professionals (professors, PhD) of our company can teach coach-courses for your employees on the following topics:

  • Metallurgy (4‑10 hours);
  • Special Electrometallurgy (4‑12 hours);
  • Metallurgy, technology and equipment for electroslag remelting (6‑18 hours);
  • Secondary metallurgy technology and equipment (6‑12 hours);
  • Corrosion protection methods (6‑12 hours);
  • Engineering creativity (4‑12 hours).

Standard coach-courses allow you to get the basic knowledge on metallurgical processes quickly and effectively in a concise and accessible way, to receive a clear understanding of the current status and modern trends in metallurgical technology and equipment. In the course of training the case studies of the actual situations that arise during the operation of furnaces and ancillary equipment is considered for in-depth understanding of the processes. Courses include the implementation of calculations are necessary in everyday practice and skills training.

Special program courses can be designed specifically for the needs of your company, in relation to a specific hardware and can be provided at any facility of a Customer all over the world. The content and scope of the course is composed taking into account the specific problems and needs of a Customer. Lectures can be read in Ukrainian, Russian or English languages.

We can offer distance learning and provide the necessary teaching materials, as well as to prepare a lecture video-response to your specific questions.

Our courses will expand the horizons of your employees, increase their knowledge and skills as well as to improve their self-confidence, self-esteem and motivation.

Technical training is in the scope of delivery of our equipment and is held on the basis of the Customer enterprise as well. These courses cover the transfer of real know-how in the technology of remelting, and operation and maintenance of equipment.