Design, manufacture and turn-key supply of Electroslag (ESR) and vacuum arc remelting (VAR furnaces, EAF equipment (in cooperation), LF, VD units (in cooperation) and auxiliary metallurgical equipment (teeming ladle cars, transfer cars, filters, roller tables and conveyers, etc.).

Detailed engineering - full design cycle from Customer Requirements to finished detailed drawings, including.

Production lines compiling:

  • design of non-standard equipment and metal structures;
  • selection of standard equipment from suppliers all over the world;
  • technological process description – a complete set of technical and technological documentation in compliance with the applicable standards and requirements of the Customer or domestic authorities.

Design and manufacturing of welded structures of any complexity.

Design and manufacturing of lifting-and-shifting equipment.

Basic engineering and justification and optimization of technological processes, including:

  • thermodynamic modelling;
  • calculation of material and heat balances of the process or metallurgical unit;
  • electric and thermal calculations, strength analysis of designed structures;
  • draft/sketch study of prospective technical solutions;

Detail engineering including 3D modelling of structural components and assemblies with issue of all details drawings.

Development of various mechanical equipment on the Customer's Specifications and Requirements.

Convert of design documentation from hard-copy (paper) form to electronic mediums, including a harmonization to ISO/DIN/GOST/DSTU standards requirements, including 3D models development.

  • Printing of a design documentation of formats A1 or multiples to A2, including colour printing.
  • Translation of both design and technical documentation to English (from English).

Comprehensive assessment of both design and technological solutions.

Assessment of the economic efficiency of projects on the development and modernization of equipment – for individual units and production lines.

Art-design for industrial buildings and structures.