Our fields of qualified expertise are: ironmaking (direct reduction and iron ) and steelmaking (melting and refining of iron and steel - in electric arc furnaces, induction furnaces, basic oxygen furnaces etc.); secondary metallurgy processes and units (LF, VD, VOD etc.); special melting processes and facilities (ESR, VIM,VAR etc.); pouring and casting, including heavy forging ingots and slab ingots; heat treatment; metal wastes processing; environmental technologies; as well as new metal and refractory materials.

Scientific and technical assessment of projects (compilation and/or evaluation of a business plan; development and support of technical strategy; an independent expert assessment with the involvement of leading experts on given field; assessment and solutions to given problems in the world practice; production scheduling; a comparative assessment of the competitive advantages of the preferred and alternative technical solutions). On the results of examination detailed technical report with complete description of the work performed is given to a Customer with all the necessary calculations and estimates, detail findings and interrogated recommendations.

Engineering expertise and technology audit of production (audit and troubleshooting on technological process and equipment; assessment of the current technical and economic efficiency of production; identification of bottlenecks in process technology; daily practice optimization; the completion and substantiate of a modernization plan, an analysis of existing manuals and recommendations for their improvement; preparation of manufacturing documentation (regulations, manuals, roots, maps, etc.); environmental impact assessment; drafting of environmental passport of a plant). Customer will receive detailed technical report based on the results of engineering expertise and technology audit with complete description of the work performed, the necessary calculations and estimates, detailed findings and elaborated recommendations. After audit Customer will convinced by detail report of process and/or equipment audit, inspection photographs, all results of measurements and characterizations of the unit parameters, valid assessments of energy efficiency of the process/equipment, list of uncovered problems/maladjustments, all necessary calculations and estimates, detailed findings and detailed recommendations, draft/sketch of required changes.

Development and approval of the technical specifications for the supply of metallurgical raw materials, refractories and new metal materials (we make specifications for any materials and products on existing domestic rules and regulations and coordinate their bodies in the State Standard and Sanitation and Radiological examinations).

Intellectual property creation and protection (articles, patents, trademarks).

Creating of marketing strategy for new products promotion, including the writing of scientific-technical and technical-advertising articles, booklets, popular articles, etc.

Consultancy on all problems in field of our competence.